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Hearing and understanding is most important thing in your life. We care about your hearing!

Hearing center MIKROTONI is making solutions for your hearing impairment and your hearing protection. At our hearing center also we have otoplastic laboratory equipped toward European standards.

Wearing of hearing aids

If you have hearing impairment, your life can be a lot better if you wear hearing aids. Today hearing aids are advanced microprocessors which are adjusted to your needs. There are few easy steps to follow to get the maximum from your hearing aids. Following of few advises can make important changes in your experience with hearing aids. We want you to feel the hearing again and to help you with adaptation with next advises:
-Adaptation with hearing aid wants little patience, decisiveness and exercises, then you will hear the sounds that you have already forget to hear.
-We will give you very practical manuals for maintaining of hearing aids to expand its lifespan.
-If you have hearing impairment at both ears, wearing of two hearing aids will give you maximal gain!